The Techno Hunt 

Sportsmen's Outpost is home to the Techno Hunt System. Please watch the video below to get an inside look at this hunting simulator. ​​​​​
An Introduction To The Techno Hunt System
Sportsmen's Outpost made a $40,000 investment back in 2015 so archers in the Connecticut area can experience real life hunting scenarios right inside our shop. This virtual reality archery simulator does not require any modifications to your current bow setup and gives you a 20yard hunting tunnel, which allows up to 3 shooters at once!
  1. Use Your Own Setup
    When you decide to shoot the Techno Hunt System, you will not have to change a thing about your current bow setup.
  2. We Allow Crossbows
    We do allow anyone with a crossbow to shoot in our Techno Hunt Tunnel. We do not discriminate.
  3. Use Your Own Arrows
    You are even able to use your own arrows with the Techno Hunt system. If you do not have any arrows we would be happy to make some up for you!
  4. Use Our Blunt Tips
    We have 75gr, 100gr, and 125gr blunt tips available for our archers. These blunt tips will screw into your current inserts without any issues.
  5. Up To 3 Shooters At Once
    We allow three archers at a time inside of our Techno Hunt Tunnel.
  6. A 20 Yard Range
    You will be taking 20-yard shots inside of the Techno Hunt Range. This gives our archers a realistic distance to become proficient at while practicing and preparing for real hunts!