Premium 20 Gun Safe

The Premium 20 may be compact in size, but has all the deluxe security features and fire protection (75 MINUTES) of a premium safe! The fully customizable interior means you can have all shelves, all guns, or a combination of the both. 12-gauge steel construction. The Premium 20 includes these added upgrades:

  • #1 rated D-DRIVE ELECTRONIC LOCK for quick access
  • Easy viewing interior with DUAL MOTION SENSOR LIGHTS
  • DELUXE ACCESSORY DOOR PANEL to organize valuables on the door
  • Not just one, but TWO JEWELRY DRAWERS to organize your valuables
  • TWO EXTRA EXECUTIVE SHELVES to customize your interior in case you don't have any long guns.
  • We even throw in an ANCHORING KIT to bolt this safe to the floor for extra security.
  • 75 Minute Fire Protection @ 1200°F
  • 4 Layers of fireboard in the ceiling with 3 in the walls, door jambs and door
  • 92,000 BTUs absorbtion rating
  • Palusol heat-expanding seal included, expanding up to 7 times it size in a fire at 212°F to seal out smoke and heat. It's the best seal in the world.
  • Top of the line D-Drive lock from S&G. Now you have quick access and over 1 million combinations to choose from. Change combination anytime you want too!
  • Premium 20 has been awarded UL Residential Security Container burglary classification
  • 2-piece roll form body for extra security
  • Triple case hardened steel plates protect lock from drill attack
  • 3-side bolt coverage with 9 total 1" diameter bolts
  • Cam-drive bolt locking mechanism with slip clutch handle
  • Anchoring kit included FREE to ensure security of your valuables
  • 2 pull JEWELRY DRAWERS helps organize valuables and jewelry
  • Deluxe Accessory Door Panel is the best way to save shelf space and organize valuables. Plus, it gives you quick access to your valuables and hand guns. A COOL POCKET is included to provide more fire protection for documents
  • Liberty's most preferred Marble Gloss finish with black chrome hardware.
  • Upholstered 4-in-1 Flex™ interior in smooth gray velour with 2 additional EXECUTIVE SHELVES.
  • 20 gun safe holds up to 20 long guns*

Premium 20 (20 gun safe)

Fire Rating-75min
Lock-D Drive Electronic
Interior Type-4in1 Flex
Exterior Dimension(HxWxD)-60.5" x 28" x 22"
Country Of Origin-U.S.A
Home Delivery Available
D-Drive E-Lock
Mechanical Lock (same price)