Common Repairs

Overview-Our Gunsmith has become educated in this industry through his passion for firearms and enrolment in the AGI Gunsmithing Acadamy. This has given him the skills and abilities to diagnose and repair most handguns and longuns. We are currently working on polymer framed pistols, 1911's, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. If you look at the list below you will find common repair procedures we perform for our customers and anyone else who is need of a Gunsmith. Please understand this is just some of the work we perform at Sportsmen's Outpost. If you have a specific problem with you firearm feel free to contact our Gunsmith directly using the button below.

Polymer Framed Pistol Repairs
  • ​Trigger Repair
  • Ejector/Extractor Replacement
  • Feedramp Polishing
  • Headspace Check

1911 Repairs
  • Magazine Catch Reshaping
  • Refinishing
  • Replacement Of Recoil Spring/Firing Pin Spring/Hammer Spring
  • Parts Fitting/Replacement

Revolver Repairs
  • Cylinder Bolt/Cylinder Stop Replacement 
  • Internal Parts Polishing
  • Timing Check
  • Parts Fitting/Replacement

Rifle Repairs
  • Headspace Check
  • Chamber Polishing
  • Recoil Pad Installation
  • Extractor Replacement

Shotgun Repairs
  • Sear Spring Replacement
  • Sight Replacement
  • Firing Pin Replacement
  • Main Spring Replacement

   Please Note- If we are pricing out worn or damaged parts for your firearm we will call you ahead of time with pricing before starting the job.
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