Custom Packages

Overview​- Our Gunsmiths passion for firearms continues to grow as he broadens his skills in the AGI Gunsmithing Acadamey. But, his passion for AR-15's started long before his enrolemnet in this school. The skills he aquired and the skills he continues to aquire have allowed him to build some of the most advanced AR-15's in this industry. Of course, not everyone wants to spend $5,000 on a mil-spec rifle and some people have no desire at all to own an assult rifle so we have recently aquired the tools and skills to customize Glocks and other polymer framed handguns. We have also supplyed you with a couple photos of the work jake has done on this page.

Custom Packages
  • Complete Rifles
  • Upper Receivers 
  • Lower Receivers
  • Polymer Framed Pistols

Turn Around Time
  • Our Gunsmiths turn around time on a custom built AR-15 is 24hrs. This does not include the time to get parts.
  • Our Gunsmiths turn around time on customizing a polymer framed pistol, dependeing on the work being performed, is between 3-4 days. This does not include the time to get parts.

Our Fees
  • Complete Rifle-$100.00
  • Lower Receiver-$70.00
  • Upper Receiver-$65.00
  • Custom Handguns-Please contact our Gunsmith for pricing.

Manufactures We Stock
  • Knights Armament
  • Daniel Defense
  • Magpul
  • Giesle
  • Surefire
  • B5 Systems
  • CMC
  • Vltor
  • Please note-These are only some of the manufacutres we stock in our shop. Feel free to contact our Gunsmith with order requests.

Glock Customization
  • Internal Polishing
  • 3lb Disconnect
  • Heavier Reset Spring
  • Medium Weight Firing Pin Spring
  • Grip Reshaping and Stippling

On Sight Tools And Resources
  • Castlenut Wrench
  • Barrelnut Wrench
  • Punches
  • ALG Defense Lube
  • Manufactures Torque Specs

Contact Our Gunsmith