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Sportsmen's Outpost has built up the ideal archery shop for Connecticut customers. We are stocking compound bows, crossbows, and accessories from manufactures like Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, and Raven.

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Compound Bows



Over the years Sportmen's Outpost has seen demand increase for crossbows. This industry has become so popular and the crossbows have become so advance their are currently guys taking 200yard shots with out any issues. We are stocking everything from these advance setups to the less expensive begginer packages and allowing our customers to demo just about anything in the shop.  
We have a HUGE amount of arrows, bolts, field points, broad heads, blazers, and knocks in stock. We are also able to cut/refletch arrows, glue inserts, and install knocks for any of our customers. The certified Archery Tech, who is on sight 3 days a week, has the proper equipment and skill set to perform any job that needs to be done.
Sportsmen's Outpost currently stocks many of the most popular compound bows from the most recognized archery manufactures in this industry. We also make it our prioity to meet with sales reps from companies like Mathews and Bowtech, which gives us priority on the newest product releases and the edge on our competitors.




We try to stock a large variety of accessories in our archery shop from the most in-demand manufactures. Ideally, we have something for everyone from the entry-level shooter to the veteran hunter. The Mathews quiver on this page is one of the most popular amongst the archery community with a price tag of $129.99, but we do have cheaper alternatives in stock like the LimbSaver Silent Quiver priced at $49.99. 
If you are looking for the highest end and most in-demand accessories in the archery industry look no further than Sportsmen's Outpost. We have just about anything you would need to complete your ideal setup at a broad range of prices. The most popular rest amongst our customers is called the QAD rest and it's made by Bowtech with a steeper price point of $159.99. Another rest at the lower end of the pricing spectrum is the Octane Double Droptine rest priced at $64.99.
The archery sights found inside of Sportsmen's Outpost are in demand, priced competitively, and respected amongst hunters and target shooters alike. One of the pricer options, which is photographed above, is the Hoyt Pro Xceed Multi-Pin Slider Sight priced at $219.99 is ideal for the serious shooter. At the lower end of the Spectrum is the Archer AXT Xtreme priced at $59.99. The big difference in pricing is, so our customers know we cater to every individual on every type of budget.