Connecticut's Largest Archery Shop

Sportsmen's Outpost has established themselves as the top Archery shop in Connecticut. We offer a huge variety of archery equipment, a state of the art Techno Hunt System, and an archery tech with years of experience in hunting, bow setups, and product knowledge. 

The Archery Shop

Inside of our archery shop, you will find some of the most in-demand product from the most recognized manufacturers in the world. We currently offer complete setups from manufacturers like Mathews, Bowtech, Hoyt, Raven, Parker, and Misson

The Techno Hunt System

Our state of the art Techno Hunt System is a three-lane, 20 yard, virtual reality hunting simulator featuring THOUSANDS of different hunts that have been recorded by REAL HUNTERS from ALL OVER THE WORLD. This $40,000 piece of equipment continues to exceed the expectations of our Archery community!  

Our Archery Tech

Jimmy Smith, the former head Archery Tech at Cabelas and graduate of the Mathews and Hoyt Archers school, is bringing his six years of industry-specific experience to Sportsmen's Outpost. This experience gives Jimmy the ability to answer a broad range of questions and perform a wide variety of jobs for our customers.
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The History Behind Our Archery Shop
Our archery shop was established in 1989 by Michael Cortigiano who is the owner of Sportsmen's Outpost and in charge of training our Archery Techs. Between both Mike and Jimmy Smith (who is our head archery tech) you will find an extensive amount of knowledge that has been acquired through the Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, and NFAA Archery Schools. This training has allowed us to excel in customer service, product selection, and bow setups for hunters and target shooters alike.
Our selection of longbows continues to grow year over year. Whether you are a hunter or target shooter, we make it a priority to keep the newest inventory on our shelves. Please stop by our shop today and test fire one of the latest setups.
Over the years crossbows have become much more popular, and Sportsmen's Outpost has responded to the increased demand. We are now stocking Raven, Mission, and Wicked Ridge crossbows just to name a few.
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